Summer in the City is the UK’s largest YouTube & Online Video festival. Of course ZoominTV was there.

Summer in the City is the premier event for anyone interested in YouTube and Online Video. The event attracts creators, industry professionals and viewers alike. The event offers points of interest for every visitor in the shape of workshops, discussion panels, live performances and meet & greets with popular creators.IMG_1105

ZoominTV booth

ZoominTV was at the event with a trendy booth. Here we offered fun games, karaoke, information about our Multi Platform Network and meet & greets with some of the Zoomin Creators.IMG_1099

The Creators

In the ZoominTV booth there was opportunity to meet up with some of our best and most exciting Creators:

Ally Law
ally law

Ally is a real daredevil and urban explorer. On YouTube he already has amassed over 119K subs and a massive 18M views. Check out his CHANNEL.

Jack Randall
jack randall anaconda
Want to go where few people have gone before and learn about the splendor of nature? Jack Randall is your man. Jack has dedicated his life to exploring nature and learning about animals. On his channel Made in the Wild he shares his exciting, and sometimes slithery adventures.

Jayden Rodrigues
Jayden Rodrigues is one of the members of the one of a kind online boyband Continuum. At the event fans got the opportunity to perform a karaoke song with Jayden. Did you know Jayden is not only a singer in Continuum, but also a great dancer and instructor? Check out his CHANNEL.