Cards are one of the optimization tools that will get your viewers to click on more of your stuff.

Whatsup with cards?

Cards have come in as a replacement for the good old annotations, which were useful but not very slick looking. And not only that. Annotations were around before YouTube viewership massively shifted to mobile and are not available on that platform. Cards are, so you can engage your audience anytime, anywhere you want.

Card showing several calls to action

How does it work?

You can find your Card options in your Creators studio. Go to your video manager, choose a video to edit and choose Cards from the top bar.

How to get to your Card options

Cards or more specifically ‘card teasers’ appear as a notification in the top right corner of videos at times the video owner can customize during setup. If a viewer clicks on this they are presented with the actual cards. 

Card teaser

Types of cards

There’s a maximum of five types of cards you can insert depending on your eligibility. Let’s have an overview of the options.

Five card types

Video or Playlist cards
Promote a video or playlist you think viewers will be interested in after the current video. Playlists open the door to the possibility of more playlist views than a single video would. Here are more tips and tricks regarding playlists for you. 

Channel cards
Promote another channel than your own. Have the other channel feature you in their cards for some solid cross-promotion.  

Donation cards
Here you can set up an opportunity for viewers to donate to a charity. Learn how to set it up for your viewers to donate.

Poll cards
Engage your viewers by asking for feedback through a poll and you can use this info to improve your content.

Link cards
Under this option you can place a link to an approved page. Maybe you have a website where you promote your main business, of perhaps you have a webshop for merchandise. Interested? Learn how to get a page approved

When to place them

Card teasers can be made to appear anywhere during the runtime of the video. But when is the best moment? We have to find the moments in the video with the most viewers. Obviously, this is at the beginning of the video, so be sure to place a card quite in the beginning. Then use your Audience Retention report to find out at what part in your video there’s a rise in viewership. Place another card here. Try not to overwhelm viewers with too many cards. Two of three is enough for most videos of average length.

High points in your audience retention to place cards

Checking up

In Analytics, check your Cards Report to see how many clicks you get on your cards. This can teach you about which placement of cards is most advantageous. Make adjustments and experiment with different placements.Cards explanation card reports

That’s it

That’s it for Cards. There’s other optimization tools like Endscreens, Descriptions, Tags, and many more. But more on those in future Tips & Tricks.

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