Hey Creators! In the quest for views it’s also important to keep track of where these views come from. Hello Traffic Sources!

So, what’s this traffic sources thing? It’s a section within your channel’s analytics. It lets you discover where your views come from. The stats herein do not only reveal the location of the viewer, but more importantly, also the way your content was discovered. Knowing this you can adjust your content strategies to better reach your audience.

Views through search results and algorithm
traffic sources with arrom
Most views come from direct search and suggested content. Through an algorithm YouTube suggests videos to users. Views of this kind can be found in distinct categories.

Search: This will reveal the search terms typed in to land on your video. Take your advantage by adding similar keywords. Or maybe your video is sought after by an audience you didn’t expect. Adjust and maximize your metadata to better take advantage of this knowledge.

YouTube suggestions: Users clicked on your video in the right bar of a watch page while watching another video. By knowing which video they were watching you can learn about what content relates to yours according to YouTube. Taking note of the kind of content you appear next to might be an indicator of the content you should make in future videos. It can also guide you to collaborations with other similar channels.

Browse features: These are views coming from Homepage and subscription.
Being featured on someone’s Home screen depends on your metadata. Take note of which videos with which metadata get you a lot of Browse views.

Fans and supporters
These views rely on fan engagement. They are a bit harder to get because viewers have to actively share your content for you to get these views.

External: Views that originate from outside YouTube. This can be from a website or blog that posted a link to your video. If you share your video on social media those views will also fall under this category. With this metric you can gage the effect of your sharing strategy.

Embedded: Views from instances where your video was embedded on a page. This can be a website that promotes your video or your own embedded shares. Keep watch of these numbers to find out where your video is embedded. You might be able to collaborate with the outlet that posts your content.  

Playlist: The amount of times your video was viewed from a playlist. Being included in a playlist can get you lots of views, though depending on the content it’s quite rare. Mostly you will see the views you get form the playlists you made yourself on your own channel.

By the Power of channels
There’s some things you can do on your own channel to drive views. You will only reach the audience that already found your channel and videos, but every view counts and engagement is important.

Video cards and Annotations/End screens: The amount of views you got through cards and annotations End screens. Never slack on cards and annotations. Seduce your fans to watch that one extra video. Make sure to suggest content they will like.

Featured content: Always set your featured content. Set it to your latest video of your most popular, depending on the type of content and your upload schedule.

Channel pages: these views come from channels (additional to your own) that set you as a related channel or featured your video. Collaborate with like-minded channels to promote each other. Sharing is caring.