One of the Creators has gone pretty viral! Will Paterson dissected the new Google logo and a lot of people came to see what he had to say.

Will Paterson is a graphic designer that found a way to make it big on YouTube. He’s from England and his design work focuses on company identity and branding. A couple of years ago he started his YouTube journey, and since then his channel has grown to almost 200K subscribers and over 10 million total views on his videos.

will paterson banner

Will started his channel by uploading tutorials in Photoshop and Illustrator, the design software most people use. Over the years he started sharing his knowledge and experience in more ways. Presently he also has many videos on logo design specifically, and also a series of videos on hand-lettering (very impressive, check it out).

Community building is important for Creators and Will Paterson is interacting with his fans in a great way. He critiques graphic designs made by his fans and helps them out with tips to take their designs and techniques to the next level. This is a great way to give back to the community and truly help people.  

One of his latest videos and most popular addresses the internet’s response to the design of the new Google logo. Check out the video to see Will break down the design and explain what design decisions led to the end result.

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