Yo Creators! A little heads up regarding copyright claims on music from the Epidemic Sound library.

Our partner Epidemic Sound has issued a warning regarding false copyright claims on music from their library. According to Epidemic it only affects a few of their tracks. Any music from the Epidemic library that you download and use in your videos during your affiliation with the network will be free to use. If your affiliation ends you won’t be cleared for new downloads anymore, but for the videos you made during your affiliation nothing will change.

Original message

What to do?
If you receive a claim on the music you used in your video and you are sure you acquired the music from the Epidemic library while you were part of the ZoominTV network you should dispute the claim. Select your video that has a false claim. In the video editor go to claims (1), click on ‘File a dispute’ (2) and follow the instructions. When asked, state your affiliation with ZoominTV and the fact that the Epidemic Sound library should be cleared of copyright for your channel.

Dispute claim explanation

If you have any trouble clearing claims or if you have further questions about the use of music contact Epidemic Sound.