Want to get in on all the latest and greatest in online video? Grab the opportunity while VidCon Europe is in Amsterdam!

VidCon Europe 2018 will be all about getting to the next level in video production and marketing. Learn about the tricks of the trade and gain important knowledge you will need on your creative journey.

The event is divided into two ‘tracks’. An Industry track and a Creator track to service every form of involvement you might have.

The Creator track will allow you to learn about getting your videos seen, using multiple platforms for publication and getting started with Brand Deals. Following the Creator Track will grant you access to workshops, keynotes and panels aimed at getting you to the next level as a Creator with more skills in video production and an expanded knowledge of the online media landscape. Talks will be given by outstanding talent with inside knowledge and experience like The Game Theorists.

game theorists
The Industry Track is meant is meant for Creators and Influencers, brands and business owners. You will learn about building business in online video through sessions with top digital leaders.

The event will take place 22-24 March 2018.
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