How to stay up to date with the new gaming trends? 

game logoWe all love games, right? The excitement of racing games, the thrill of being the last person standing in PUBG, the crazy world of mods in GTA – the possibilities of games is endless. Gaming has a huge and dedicated fanbase who aren’t afraid to engage with your channel. It is also really easy to get started with making gaming content, all you need is a game and some screen capture software like the free OBS and you can make a video.

yt subOne of the biggest challenges gaming creators are facing is to be on top of the new gaming trends. Every day there are new game releases that can vary from big ones, such as Fortnite and Assassin’s Creed, to smaller ones. This makes it very hard for creators to choose what to cover and, of course, to stay up to date.



Here are some tips on how to stay updated with all the new gaming trends popping out every day:

1. Subscribe to gaming channels!

One way to stay up to day with all the new releases is to subscribe to gaming channels. Subscribing to other gaming channels can give you interesting insights on new gaming trends, and it can also help you to get inspired for your own channel.

Here are some gaming creators from our Z fam that we recommend to follow:






lickstinLockstin & Gnoggin








2. Read the news!

Another way to be on top of the gaming news is to regularly read the news. Yes, the news. Usually when big games are released or are soon going to be released, they make it in the news.  So, just keep an eye on what’s going on in the world, and you will be surprised!


3. Have a look at gaming sites!

game informerThere are plenty of websites that are focusing on video games, which provide you with all necessary information. This is where gamers search for data, and that data is highly relevant for you. One website we suggest you to have a look on is  Gameinformer. This website provides you with the latest game releases, reviews and news. They even offer a full year schedule for game releases, so you can do your own research about a certain game even before it comes out! Note that not all websites provide the same reviews and game releases, therefore, we recommended you to choose two or three websites, and to regularly visit them. Plus,  most of those websites have Social Media platforms, so you even have the possibility to just follow them on social media and get your news automatically in your feeds.

Link to Gameinformer:


4. Participate in forums!

Finally, hang out on forums. Forums can give you very useful insights into the gaming industry. Not to mention, you also get the opportunity to see what actually interests the public. You also can get inspired for future topics, see what is going well and what is not going well in the gaming industry, and even ask questions to other gamers.

forumsHere are our top 4 favorite gaming forum sites:

IGN Boards:




If you follow those tips, you will surely be on top of the gaming trends! Do you guys have any other favourite tips to being on top of the gaming trends? Let us know in the comments!