The story behind the channel: Sophia Singh and her digital art journal 

sophia singh picThis is Sophia Singh! She is an undergraduate student at The University of Edinburgh. Over the past 5 years, she has been uploading videos that demonstrate her art journey on her YouTube channel. Beside sharing her art with the wider public, she also uses her channel to observe her own development as an artist. During her time as a Youtuber, she has faced many challenges that all Youtubers have to overcome and she still faces many more.

How did it all start?
I originally created a YouTube channel for a school project, where I uploaded a tutorial on how to solve a Rubik’s cube, which amazingly, reached 3 million views. I never expected my Rubik’s cube tutorial to hit anything close to 3million views, it’s crazy!

Since then, I have been regularly posting videos about the progress of my art by producing speed painting videos on my channel. However, I really want to upload more tutorial videos like the Rubik’s cube one and was even thinking of posting videos or streams for video games.  

How do you produce your videos?
I have been experimenting with producing speed painting videos. These are a lot of fun to make and watch. I use Procreate for the iPad Pro which also records the artwork as I paint it.  All the videos of artwork on my channel have been done using this software. After creating the content I generally uses iMovie to edit up all the content into one video.

What challenges have you experienced during your YouTube career?
One of the main challenges as a Youtuber, is to maintain a consistent schedule. I have to navigate around everything I am doing at home, university and my extracurricular. It always takes a lot more time than I originally plan to make a video as it takes multiple recordings, hours of editing etc.

sophia singhIn order to have a successful YouTube channel, it is important to have a clear schedule in mind on where and when to post. Most Youtubers stick to one or two videos a week, where most of them even announce publicly a day of the week when they would upload their next video.  This allows their viewers to exactly know when a next video is out, and also, it creates a personal pressure to be on time with the next video.

Another challenge as a Youtuber is to interact with everyone consistently, such as replying to comments or even producing content depending on what my fans like.  Saying that, the work is extremely rewarding and it’s great to see a community building. I am so proud that I have managed to upload videos more or less frequently over the past few years and I can’t wait to build on it more!

You know, for bigger channels, it is still important to reply and interact with the public but for smaller channels it is a must. A good way to gather loyal subscribers is by interacting with them and replying to their comments, requests and needs. This way, the public feels closer to the Youtuber and a potential long-term subscriber base can be built.

Do you have a special tip for our talents out there?
For other art channels mostly, and anyone hoping to record that kind of work; I find the most important thing is just having a straight on view of your artwork, and incredibly fast videos. People are impatient and want to view the process for art quickly!

Anything else?
sophia singh 2
Another tip for channels that focus on art is, that it is important to have some variety from video to video and not create the same type of art. For example if someone likes to draw cars, maybe drawing cars with different art supplies or drawing different types of cars are a good idea on how to create a diversity regarding the content on your channel.

Furthermore, one last tip for smaller channels or any channel in general, is to look at similar channels that cover the same type of content than your channel. Why? Looking at the competition gives you an idea of what type of content the public is craving. Additionally, looking at the competition will most likely trigger new ideas that you can use in your own channel. Lastly, it will also allow you to stay up to date with new trends on Social Media. 


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