Let’s celebrate a little. One of the Zoomin Creators reached a milestone. So let’s show some love to Creator Unspoken OUCH.

Silver Play Button for Unspoken Ouch

Watsup Creators! We’re in a celebratory mood! Zoomin Creator Unspoken OUCH has reached a YouTube milestone in earning his Silver Play Button!
unspoken banner

Unspoken OUCH is a Gaming YouTuber from The Netherlands that chose to appeal to a global audience by making his videos in English. His games of choice are GTA 5, Roblox, Call of Duty and many more.

Unspoken has been active since 2014. In the meantime he made almost 17 million views,  and recently reached the milestone of 100.000 subscribers which earned him the Silver Play Button. How did he do it? He produces quality videos around a popular subject on a regular schedule and he has genuine fun while doing it. Visit his channel HERE to check out his awesome videos and witness how much his voice sounds like Kermit the Frog. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe. Let’s go for gold.

There’s something for everybody

Of course it’s great to pass big milestones that earn you a reward. 100K subs will earn you the Silver Play Button just like Unspoken OUCH. A million subs will earn you the Golden Play Button, and 10 million subs gets you the ultra-rare Diamond Button. These numbers will take any YouTuber quite some time to reach. But YouTube has some perks for Creators with smaller channels too. Check out your possibilities HERE.