Christmas is coming! A time of contemplation, warm thoughts, merrymaking and a stone-cold opportunity for a great tent-pole moment!

What are tent-pole moments?
You’ve probably heard of tent-pole moments or tent-pole events before. These are instances when public attention is directed towards a single event or subject. Christmas is a clear example of a tent-pole moment. The general audience will be more willing to watch Christmas related content in December. Plan on making content related to these moments while the interest is heightened.
gingerbread men


Look at these authentic individuals

Look at these authentic individuals

Another category of tent-pole moment is the major sports event. An example of tent-pole content would be a video in which you teach your viewers how to make epic snacks ideally suited to be enjoyed during the Super Bowl. Movie releases also generate major publicity and a spike in search requests. Ride this wave by using these movies or their protagonists as an inspiration for your content.

How To Christmas

So what can you do to lift the holiday spirit?

Season’s Greetings
Just share the love. Dress up, get down and chill out. Adding some Christmas decoration to your channel’s design may add a lot of flavor that will engage your audience.

Be Santa
Treat your viewers to a little present! A small giveaway is a nice gesture to get into the holiday spirit. But spending money is not at all necessary. A special shout-out to members of your community is also a very friendly gesture. Making some custom content as a unique treat to your community will also involve and entertain.

Be a do-gooder
The ultimate gesture with the warmest of holiday spirits would be to raise money for a charity of your choosing. It’s very easy to set this up. It works in the same way as inserting a card in your video.

For some more info on donations on YouTube click HERE