Oscars are coming! It’s a huge event, so ride the wave!

The 90th Academy Awards are on the way. The world is in anticipation of the outcome. Which stars will be awarded an Oscar statue to reach legendary status?

shutterstock_481445731A highly publicized world-wide event like the Oscars is a fantastic opportunity to use as a tent-pole moment. The increased traffic around the event and its keywords can help you attract attention to your own content.

There’s many ways you could express yourself themed around the Academy Awards. What are your expectations about the upcoming event? Which star is your favorite? And which nominees do you expect to receive prizes this year?

Your own award
Or do it your own way and award your own prizes related to your personal passion! Do you like dog shows? Which elegant poodle do you think deserves an award for Cutest Hairdo? Just follow your own passion and make your own celebration of a talent you appreciate. Don’t forget to make it fabulous.

Do you agree with the awarded Oscars? Make a review of the show in which you discuss the outcome and let the world know what you think about it.
Are you an expert on fashion? Review the most beautiful and outrageous dresses at the gala. Who wore it best or worst that night?

Make-up styles
How about reviewing make-up styles? The moviestars have professional make-up artists at their disposal behind the scenes. But do you know how to reproduce those glamorous looks on a budget? If you have the skills, share it with the world, so we all can have a little taste of glamour.

Take care of your metadata
Don’t forget to include Oscar-related keywords. Write video tags that contain the right keywords for the event. Make sure your video description explains what the video is about and how it relates to the tent-pole moment. This way you will pretty much create the right keywords in the description. And above all make sure you have a nice descriptive title above your video. Make the viewers crave the all-important answers you are providing in your video.

There’s many more styles of content you can create to celebrate the Oscars. Surprise the wold with your own unique perspective.

The 90th Academy Award ceremony will take place March 4 2018.