YouTube is introducing a new function that will allow you to engage with your audience on a new level.

To build an audience it is important that a Creator generates moments and events in which their fans and potential fans can interact with their content. There are multiple ways to achieve this through YouTube. Encouraging your fans and viewers to interact with you through the comment section below your videos isn’t only beneficial for the placement of your videos in the algorithms, but it will allow your viewers to get emotionally invested in your content and provide you with invaluable feedback on your content.

Super Chat also allows fans to engage on a new level during live streams. This feature encourages live discussions and allows fans to be seen higher up in the chat with more noticeable comments when they donate to the Creator.

Now there’s a new feature called Premieres. This is a new way to get your content out there. This feature allows Creators to make an event of the release of a new video.


Choosing Premieres as your upload method will generate a landing page for your video with an announcement of the upcoming premiere. This will raise the anticipation among your fans for the video. During the wait for the premiere your fans will be able to interact through Super Chat, the same feature available on live streams. So not only does this offer an amazing opportunity for some fan engagement, it is also an extra source of revenue.

This feature will come to eligible Creators with more than 10.000 subs soon.