The fine people at YouTube have been working hard on a new analytics hub for Creators. Let’s check out YouTube Studio!

YouTube Studio has been in beta for some time now and is about ready to be rolled out. The existing Creator Studio as we currently know it will slowly be phased out in favor of the new YouTube Studio.

Faster overview
The home page of the new Dashboard setup will provide you with more useful information regarding your latest couple of uploads. This way you can keep track of performance more easily.

New metrics
YouTube Studio will introduce new metrics to better keep track of your channel’s development. To really understand what your audience does and how they find your videos the following metrics are being added:

  • impressionsImpressions: How many times your thumbnails were shown to viewers on
    What can you do with it?: You can learn how many times users saw the thumbnail images of your videos.   
  • Traffic sources for impressions: Where on YouTube your video thumbnails were shown to potential viewers
    What can you do with it?: Knowing where people see your thumbnails will tell you something about how your videos perform in the YouTube algorithms. If your content shows up as a suggested video for example it implies something else than when your video appears on the home page.
  • Impressions click-through rate (CTR): How often viewers watched a video after seeing a thumbnail
    What can you do with it?: Learning how many people click on your thumbnails will teach you how attractive your thumbnails are to click. Compare some of your videos with different styles of thumbnails to test what works best.
  • Unique_viewersUnique viewers: Estimated number of people who watched your videos
    What can you do with it?: Knowing how many of your views are from unique viewers will allow you to better estimate your reach. A clear view of your audience may aid you in getting better branded deals.

The new functions will be available for all Creators shortly. Until that time it’s possible to test the layout of the new YouTube Studio by going to your URL bar and entering “” or learn about the new metrics HERE.