Awesome New Social Media Features You Should Use!

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and this year is proving to be very promising so far! There are new ways to combat bullying on your accounts, different ways to be seen on Facebook and new ways to engage with your followers on Twitter. We’ve gathered for you the most exciting changes on social media, so be prepared for some awesome new features that you should definitely use!


New Instagram features

580b57fcd9996e24bc43c521Instagram “anti-bully filter”. Have you ever had issues with mean comments on your Insta posts and are fed up with them? Well, believe it or not, Instagram will let you block mean comments! This new feature will filter out automatically mean comments on your posts if detects any threats or insults. This will enable Instagram to take action against serial bullies and to make the platform more enjoyable! But don’t worry, you can easily deactivate the filter if you wish by going into your app settings and scroll down to comment controls.


insta hashYou are now not only able to add clickable links in your profile description but also to permanent stories and hashtags! This will lead to more traffic and allow your fans to see what you are doing in one click or to see related posts through a hashtag! Get creative with this feature and make the best out of it, your fans will definitely love it!


Instagram is preparing to release name tags. Similar to Snapchat’s QR codes, Instagram’s new nametag feature will allow users to scan a special image to follow other users in a much simpler way than ever before. On top of that, you will also be able to customize personal Nametags by changing the background color, add emoji patterns or even add a selfie outfitted with Instagram filters!

Click on this link to have a better idea:

Be transparent with your audience! Instagram is introducing a paid partnership tagging feature so that you can be completely honest about which of your posts are sponsored. Note, that, not only for you as creator it’s a bonus since your fans love authenticity, but as well  to businesses. Why? Well, when you upload a sponsored post and tag the business and activate the paid partnership feature, then that business will have access to the performance data of that post!


New Twitter features

580b57fcd9996e24bc43c53eYou can now send more creative and personalized messagesTwitter just launched a new feature where you can share engaging images and videos with customizable call to action buttons! The Direct Message Cards will enable you to upload engaging posts with a more visual approach. So, get your fans engaged! 

You can now tell a story in 280 characters! Most of you probably know how challenging it can be to tell a story under 140 characters… Well, don’t worry about it anymore, because Twitter has officially rolled out their 280 character limit! That’s means you have the possibility to post tweets that are now twice as long as before!




New Facebook features

 You can add free to use music to your Facebook videos! Everyone knows music is key for a successful social soundmedia video! For this reason, Facebook introduced a new feature, a video editing tool, Sound Collection, which lets you add sound effects or music for free to your videos! Make sure to use this new feature to save time and money, and of course improve the quality of your videos




You can know experiment with TV-style content using Watch
fb watchWatch is a platform that host TV-like shows on Facebook soon available in Europe. Facebook users will be able to watch shows depending on their interests and what their friends are watching. Thanks to this new feature, you will be able to extend your reach through your existing fanbase, so make sure to not miss it out!

We hope that you are all as excited as us to try out all those new features! Let us know which ones are you favorite upcoming features in the comments and do not forget to check out more of our blog to be on top of the latest social media news, tips and tricks and talents!