We’re working on ways to improve our payment methods. Check out how we make it better. 

The new dashboard brings a new approach to payment processing. The old dashboard required multiple channel owners to set up an account for each channel separately for payment purposes and this was problematic. You will be pleased to hear that this is a thing of the past.

As we get closer to the full operation of the new dashboard, we keep on rolling out new features by the day supporting a much more improved service offering, with only one thing in mind – your success. The new dashboard has a multi-account management feature which enables you to create only one account and link all your multi-platform channels. This feature is not just limited to on platforms but goes beyond YouTube. With all your channels under one account, payment processing become much easier, all your earning from the multiple channels will be processed once therefore reducing the fees payment. This also avoid a situation where some of the payments are paid while some are not.

The new dashboard gives you a streamlined overview of your earnings from multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. You don’t have to worry about looking at many reports but just one for all your channels. You’ll get detailed reports outlining how much you earned and for which video. These reports are downloadable as html, csv or pdfs. With these reports, you can drill down to understand a lot more about your earnings including transaction fees.

Let us know how you get on with the payments in the comments below. Should you face problems please contact network support through the DASHBOARD.