Meet this new Creator in the network! We’re proud to present: Maxine Prins!

maxineMaxine Prins is a Dutch girl living in Amsterdam. From a very young age she always had a passion for animals and she decided to turn her passion into her life mission.

It all started 5 years ago when Maxine volunteered at a lion-park in Johannesburg. During her time volunteering she decided to upload some videos of her playing with lions. One of these videos went viral on YouTube – for the wrong reasons: Maxine, like many other tourists and volunteers, did not know a lot about the canned hunting industry in Africa. According to the Guardian (2013), the canned hunting industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in South Africa. Every year, thousands of lions are being bred in farms to be then shot by a wealthy foreign trophy hunter who pay between 5 000 and 25 000 EUR for the pleasure of doing this. South Africa has more than 160 farms that are legally breeding big cats and there are now more lions held in captivity than lions living freely in the wild.

maxine lionAfter the release of the video, Maxine discovered that the park she volunteered at was involved in the canned hunting industry and felt angry and abused. For this reason, she decided to go back to South Africa and to take some courses about the wildlife to learn about the animals suffering from this industry, and to really see what is going “behind the curtains of this evil industry”. It was whilst doing the course that Maxine encountered a white lion cub, Elsa, who was living all alone at a breeding facility. Watching the cub in this state brought many emotions to the surface and Maxine could just not bare to witness the state of this cub. She then decided to save this lion by moving her to one of the “good” parks, in this case Jukani, which took her several months of organization and dedication. Maxine saved the cub’s life and this was the start her journey: The Moomba Foundation.

Maxine is convinced that creating awareness among volunteers and tourists is the best way to prevent them from making the same mistake as her. With the Moomba Foundation, Maxine wants to create a Database, for volunteers and tourists, of wildlife parks that are meeting the Moomba Foundation qualification criteria’s. Additionally, the foundation does not only focus on the certification of parks but also other connected activities and companies, which are indirectly implicated in this industry such as: airlines, travel agencies, hotels and many more. By doing this, Maxine is hoping to guide tourists to wildlife parks, where the owners not only think about their income but also about the well-being of the animals.

maxine cameraGenerally, Maxine hopes that with her YouTube channel she will reach more people and create more awareness regarding this industry. On top of that she sees an opportunity to show the true essence of the canned hunting industry by providing the public with real life footage. She regularly uploads videos of animals they rescued, mostly lions. Maxine is planning on uploading many videos soon as she has a big project coming up next month where she is going back again to South Africa to meet people like her and work on her mission.


If you want to know more about Maxine and her foundation, check out her channel and her foundation’s website.

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