In this section we provide you with Tips & Tricks to help you get more views, more subs and more exposure on your YouTube channel. In this edition, we highlight playlists.

Viewing sessions

When visitors come to YouTube they start what we call a ‘viewing session’. This means they start watching multiple videos during the time they spend on YouTube. Part of generating views is grabbing a bigger part of a visitor’s session.

Why create Playlists?

newsletter playlist suggested videos

Playlists help your appearance in suggested videos

Creating a playlist of your content is an easy tool to become a bigger part of a viewing session. Putting videos together in a playlist lets the YouTube algorithm know this content belongs together. Now if a viewer watches one of the videos from your playlist it’s more likely another video from that playlist pops up in the ‘suggested videos’ next to it, increasing your chances of another view from this viewer.


newsletter playlist description

Here’s your playlist description

Users can search for playlists specifically, so it’s important to optimize them. Playlists have metadata, just like individual videos. Playlists lack tags, but you can still optimize the title and the description. Make sure to include keywords that connect to the content in the list.
You can also tie videos together by adapting your titles. By adding ‘Part 1’, ‘Part 2’, etc. to your titles. The YouTube algorithm will be more likely to suggest these videos in sequence in the suggested videos section.

Series Playlists

newsletter playlist series playlist

Set your playlist as a Series Playlist

Setting a playlist as ‘Series Playlist’ is a great feature that will make sure your consecutive playlist videos will be suggested as the ‘next video’. If a viewer has autoplay enabled your playlist videos will be played in succession, automatically getting you a nice chunk of the viewing session.
NOTE: An individual video can only be placed in one series playlist at a time.

Channel page

newsletter playlist channel page

Display playlists on your channel page

Playlists are also a good way to present your best content on your channel page. Visitors will be able to get into binging your content in just a click and make you the king of their viewing session.



And that’s what playlists can do for you. What are your experiences with playlists? Have you noticed any difference after implementing playlists? Let us know in the comment section or on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

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