Whatsup Creators! Creator IULITM has reached an incredible milestone with his creepy gaming channel.

IULITM banner
We would like to congratulate IULITM for reaching the marvelous amount of 2 MILLION subscribers! We are very proud to have this ghoulish gamer in our network.

Not only does IULITM produce great, exciting videos, but he also produces a lot of it. At least one video a day. Together with the high quality of the content, this upload schedule is a great strategy to keep your content high up in the suggested videos. IULITM has uploaded an incredible amount of over 4000 videos on his channel since the channel started in 2013.

We recommend checking this channel out if you’re into scary stuff. Check out some vids, leave a thumbs up and subscribe to help IULITM reach that stupendous amount of 3 million subs. Check it out HERE.