Yay, the new dashboard (dash) is up and running. This is the heartbeat of our improved service offering. All channels have been migrated from the old to the new dash, although you might still access the old dashboard. All changes on your account now need to be done in the new dash.

Here is what the new dash is all about and what it can do for you:

From multi-channel to multi-platform


New Dashboard

The new dash supports Facebook and Instagram accounts in addition to YouTube. Not to preach to the converted, video is evolving and so are the social media platforms. Video content creation is not just about YouTube anymore. You can now shoot many birds with one stone, literally.


The new dash is now available in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. English is not everyone’s mother tongue and it can be challenging if not uncomfortable. If you feel like that, you are not alone, that’s exactly why the new dashboard is in many languages. So, not only are we moving to multi-platform but multi lingual too. More languages will be added.

Better insights

The new dashboard puts you in charge, gives you better insights and allows you to be in control of your video(s), playlists and channel(s). You will view your stats in an easily readable layout. You can compare your performance against videos, playlists or channels within and outside the Zoomin.TV network, thus giving you a comprehensive overview.

Optimize your Content

Earnings screen shotThe optimize option is just a few clicks away on the tools section for you to work your magic and increase revenue. You can optimize your videos’ title, tag and description in bulk without leaving the dashboard. So, you don’t necessarily need to go to YouTube to do that.

What’s next?

Was this too much info for you? We hope not. We are on a roll and don’t plan slowing down anytime soon. How cool will it be to chat with other creators within the network? What about faster payment processes and more languages? It excites us, hope it excites you to. Let us know how your adventure with the new dash goes. Login to the new dashboard HERE and check it out!