There’s a new way to make money on YouTube Gaming. Gamers can now connect to their fans by getting sponsored.

For a monthly fee of $4.99 sponsors can now get access to special features to connect to their favorite gamers. By signing up as a sponsor fans can get closer to their favorite Creators by making use of new immersive perks.

The perks
Sponsors get access to special custom badges and emoji so the Creator can recognize them as sponsors. Creators can design and update these badges themselves so they’re truly unique. Depending on different sponsorship milestones these items can be upgraded and expanded.
There’s now an exclusive sponsor chat where sponsors can chat together. The extra functionalities carry over to 3rd party services like getting notifications from Streamlabs and exclusive sponsor servers on the Dischord service.

-Your channel is a gaming channel
-Live streaming is enabled
-You have over 1000 subs
-Your channel is monetized
-You’re over 18 years old
-You are located in an eligible location
-You comply to terms and policies

For the moment only Gaming channels can apply, but other genres are currently in BETA. So keep an eye out for news on this.

How to sponsor

How to get sponsored