We’d like to highlight another one of the Creators. Meet Exploring the Unbeaten Path.

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Exploring the Unbeaten Path is a Zoomin Creator that produces epic reports of abandoned locations all around the world. They have visited many spooky abandoned buildings, like hospitals, power stations and even an oil rig.


unbeatenAbandoned Fukushima
Their latest and greatest project has been a visit to the abandoned Fukushima area. As a result of the tsunami in 2011 a nuclear power plant went into meltdown which caused massive nuclear fallout. Over 200.000 citizens had to flee the area, never to return.

Now Exploring the Unbeaten Path offers you a look into the abandoned area. Abandoned stores, schools and other infrastructure tell a story of once thriving communities that got cut short in the blink of an eye.

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Check out the trailer of Exploring the Unbeaten Path’s ‘Abandoned Fukushima’ series.