Sheffo, Joey, Jayden and Sami from Italy, USA, Australia and Netherlands are keeping their dreams alive right now. Making hit Covers week in week out. They’re Continuum.

Imagine four guys, in four countries and brought together by what they love the most – music. Astonishingly, these guys have never met. First, they would like to meet for the first time once Continuum YouTube channel hits 400k subscribers and then take it a notch up, to form a band.

First online boyband

Continuum logo

Continuum logo

Why an online band you may ask? See, it’s our DNA at Zoomin.TV to do the unusual, new and out of the ordinary. To dare, care and share. We take no prisoners when it comes to this, and that’s why we joined hands with Freemantle Media a serious contender that creates, produces and distributes some of the best known and loved content across the globe. Since its launch in December last year, Continuum keeps flying with 222k subscribers and over 14 million views to date.

Achievements so far

MTV Cover of the Month Award

MTV Cover of the month               Award

They have the YT Silver play button, for reaching 100k subscribers, in the back pocket; Swalla cover won the MTV Cover of the month Award in April and Joey performed at the DYTG 2017 event in Utrecht, Netherlands. For the MTV Cover of the month award, not only did they beat the runner up by 3 million claps, but Jason Derulo choose them as the winner too. I can assure you they are not done yet but just started, watch the space.

Endless opportunities

Swalla Cover

Swalla Cover

Just think of the mileage that comes with an award like the MTV Cover of the month. Such as being profiled on the MTV channels internationally and shared on the MTV websites & social media platforms. In addition to that, an automatic entry to win an official music video shoot that will air on MTV internationally. Now that’s more like a dream, but it’s within reach. It could be you.


Next StepsContinuum

Record deals, branded content, partnerships and live events await Continuum. Zoomin.TV is continually looking for fun, exciting and worthwhile opportunities to take our talents to the next level, boast revenue and expose them to new audiences. We hope to achieve this by creating space where Creators can collaborate and support one another.

Continuum is continuously getting attention on YouTube. You know the YouTube drill, Continuum needs your support too. Remember to subscribe to the Continuum YouTube channel, like or follow Zoomin.TV on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to watch content and know what’s going on. Most importantly if you got any collaboration ideas, send us a message with your proposal and we will look into it. Who knows, you could be the talk of YouTube land.