The Best And Most Popular Ideas To Strike On YouTube

You have a passion for filmmaking? You have some cool skills you want to share with the world? Or do you want to express your opinion freely? Then YouTube is the perfect place for you! All you have to do is get started. However, before you can get started, it is crucial to have a clear idea on what you channel is going to be about. Below, we compiled a list with the 10 most common video content style that are very popular on YouTube to ease your choice. Let’s have a look!


vlogsVlogs: Vlogging is considered as being the video equivalent of writing a diary, journal or personal blog. These types of videos are also very simple to realize and do not require a lot of material. All you need is a functioning camera! On top of that, the YouTube audience is seeking for authenticity, and vlogging is the perfect medium for it! You can also add background music to enhance your videos, and here at Zoomin.TV, we offer royalty free music and many more services, CLICK HERE to have a look at all our services.


unboxUnboxing videos & reviews: A large part of individuals look to YouTube to make sure that the product they intend to buy is worth it and what is more useful than a review? Unboxing videos are basically product reviews, since the end goal of such a video is the same: to determine if a product is worth it’s money. So, if there are some awesome products you would like to show to the world, go on!


gamingGaming: With big games such as Fortnite, or Assassins Creed popping out, the request of gameplay videos is increasing every day! Therefore, if you have some gaming skills and a great passion for games in general, consider creating a gaming channel.


makeupMakeup and fashion: This content category is already pretty explicit on its own to know what it is about. However, you can produce different types of videos in this category; such as makeup tutorials, look books, product reviews, hauls… The list goes on and on!  So, if you are a fashion or makeup passionate, then this content idea might be for you!


beautyBeauty & lifestyle: Audiences on YouTube are seeking advice and inspiration. Note that these type of videos are often very simple to make, however, just bear in mind to give legitimate advice and to be clear in your instructions. So, if you have some special tips and tricks about health, beauty and lifestyle, shoot a video and get your channel started!


musicMusic: If you are passionate about music, a good singer, instrument player or even DJ, then starting a music channel might be the right idea for you! Music clips and music covers are all across the YouTube world and it’s by far one of the most popular content category! All you have to do is take out your mic and camera and start your dream!


travelingTravelling and exploration: Similar to vlogs, travelling videos have the same purpose, with the exception that you have to explore new places. You can film travelling videos anywhere you go; it can be on your next big vacation, or just the closest city to your town. If you love discovering new places or are moving a lot around, then this content idea is perfect for you!


comedyComedy: YouTube, is not only the biggest video platform but also one of the biggest entertainment sources for millions of people, this is why, comedy channels are and will remain one of the most popular category! Therefore, if you are a naturally funny person or have some good jokes and sketches you would like to share, starting a comedy channel might be ideal for you!


educationEducation: As we mentioned previously, YouTube is one of the world’s biggest entertainment sources. However besides entertaining millions of people every day, YouTube is also one of the number one source for education! It can go from educational videos about physics, to videos showing you how to fix a bike! So, if there is something you are really passionate about or interested in, show it to the world!


newsNews: This content category is extremely broad, since you can produce news about everything! It can vary from politics, to sport, to technology to celebrities to many more! For this content type, you will not need a lot of material, however, be careful with what to present and make sure to be on top of the news to bring the most interesting and qualitative content to your audience!


We hope that these 10 popular content ideas will ease your decision to know what to focus on for a future channel! If you have any suggestions, or any great first experience on YouTube, please share them in the comments! We want to hear them all!  

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