Watsup Creators! Have you checked out the new Community Tab yet?

Engaging your community is one of the most important aspects of building an audience on YouTube.
There’s multiple ways to engage your audience. Let’s discuss some of them.

In your video
influencer community
Naturally you can engage your community through your videos. Tell your fans about the mission of your channel and your goals. Viewers will be more in tune with your intentions. Do you make videos to teach? Do you have a hobby or passion, and you are sharing that journey on YouTube? Share that motivation with your subscribers.

Be present on social
Of course you can get the word out on social media. Let followers know what content is coming up and what you’re going through. Don’t forget about Instagram. Here you can use your existing content by uploading short snippets to promote upcoming content.

Respond to videos
Try to participate in the discussion under your videos. Respond, give thumbs up or even hearts. This shows you care about your subscribers. And besides just being nice it will teach you about your audience. Maybe you can get ideas about improving your content through these interactions.
If you see a comment that you particularly like, pin it to the top! Try to encourage positive interactions this way.

Make use of the new Community Tab
community tab screenshot2Now there’s a new feature for Creators. Using the Community Tab you can now interact with your fans in new ways. You now have the opportunity to post messages to engage your audience. Ask them what content they’d like to see next for example.
Furthermore you can post pictures, GIFs and create polls for your community to see. This creates the effect of a kind of social timeline. Check out THIS LINK to learn more about the new Community Tab and how to use it.