Can music increase my views? How much music do you use in your videos? Did you know music has a direct impact on video content?

You only need to look at major entertainment industries like TV, movies and video games to understand the value that music adds to a production. It turns a good video into a great one by adding depth and improving context which keeps the viewer engaged. Let’s dive deeper into how music influences views, it’s impact on YouTube and how it can help your videos.shutterstock_367542392

Music Stats on YouTube

The music category on YouTube is one of the most popular reasons to visit the site. It makes up 11% of all views each month. That content is generally centered around major artists and music based channels. Yet, much bigger categories are Gaming and Entertainment, which make up 50% of all views.

Those two stats show the value of music (as a large view driver) but also show the opportunity to use music as a creator. Before we delve deeper into the opportunity, let’s look at the top 10 videos of all time on YouTube right now:

  1. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa – 2.95B views
  2. Gangnam Style by Psy – 2.90B views
  3. Despacito by Luis Fonsi – 2.67B views
  4. Sorry by Justin Bieber – 2.67B views
  5. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson – 2.56B views
  6. Masha and the Bear by Get Movies – 2.34B views
  7. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift – 2.27B views
  8. Bailando by Enrique Iglesias – 2.26B views
  9. Sugar by Maroon 5 – 2.15B views
  10. Roar by Katy Perry – 2.13B views

All, but one, in the top ten are music. Furthermore, of the top 50 most viewed videos on YouTube, 47 are music based. (Stats are as of July 2017, and rounded).

How music influences Views

Let’s consider movies. Music helps to build immersion in a story, it sets the tone and conveys emotion. Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries turns the helicopter scene from Apocalypse Now into one of the most memorable scenes of all time.

Conversely, the dreamy version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow adds real impact to the romantic conclusion to You’ve Got Mail. In either case, the music does the job of setting the mood for the scene and is used much more than dialogue.


Television producers use music in a similar fashion, helping to tell their story where dialogue would fail. An even more extreme example is video games where you’re unlikely to find ANY moment without a soundtrack playing.

Whether it’s the title screen, exploring or active combat, you’ll almost always hear music. More directly, look at the top creators on YouTube. Pewdiepie actively uses cuts of music in nearly all his uploads. Dude Perfect always use music that fades in and out between dialogue. Lily Singh IISupermanII also uses music in every skit.

Creators and Music

Now let’s consider your own content. Think about your latest upload – did you use music? If you did, does it have the same impact on your video than the above examples? If you did not use music, what style of music would have helped tell your story? Every time you create content, whether it’s an unboxing, a skit, or just a vlog – consider how each scene might benefit from a soundtrack.

newsletter blog featured picture music mattersWhen you start to think about your videos as a production WITH music, you’ll start to see a direct impact on your views. Why? Because the pieces feel more complete. They’ll have a sense of immersion and emotion that will connect with the audience. In turn, they are going to want to view much more of your content, and subsequently your views will grow. 

Creators in the Zoomin.TV network can access Epidemic Sound for free. We would like to know you have used music and what has been the impact on your views? Let us know in the comments section below.