ZoominTV Brand Safety Policy

ZoominTV is committed to providing our partners with a brand safe environment. This commitment commences immediately on the talent activation process; we screen the content type to ensure it fulfills the requirements of our partners both in terms of brand-safety and legal requirements. Our talents are on boarded onto our platform and confirm their compliance to our legal requirements. The legal requirement includes IP infringements and any violation of deal term results in warning second strike is OUT. In additional to this our talents are contractually obliged to develop content that complies with Google’s policy.
To ensure that our Talent meets and maintains this high standard ZoominTV conducts a 2 layer verification system. The first is a technology layer that identifies and flags any potentially dangerous videos. If content is flagged this gets sent to our team who will manually review to determine if the channel should be excluded. The second layer of security is a regular human content check. We have a dedicated team that every month conducts an audit of our content, we view content to ensure that our talent partners are compliant to Google’s and our policy. If it is found that our Talents are in breach they are issued with a warning, the offending content is removed and if they don’t comply then they are immediately removed from our network. To provide a further safeguard, before running a direct advertising partnership ZoominTV manually filters and vets all channels to deliver the highest quality environment. These policies when combined with Google’s internal category filtering and copyright protection, provides the best possible solution for our clients.
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Brand Safety Policy
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